General Aviation

Coverage for the Full Spectrum of General Aviation

No matter how you use your aircraft, our expert general aviation underwriters – most of whom are pilots themselves – can draw on their aviation knowledge and experience and, working with your aviation insurance broker, design a policy with the specific coverages you need. We provide aircraft hull and liability coverages, using the broadest policy form in the industry. Among our broad range of experience, we serve as the preferred insurance provider to select aviation clients who value the best, most secure insurance products and the finest service as their top criteria.

Corporate Aviation

You don’t just buy corporate aviation insurance from USAIG – you buy a relationship. We are committed to supporting your flight operation with timely, cutting-edge and world-class safety products and services. We maintain the industry’s largest service network to ensure that you have a trusted expert nearby, ready to help whenever you need it, no matter where you are. Need a certificate pronto on a weekend? We’ll hand-deliver it, if necessary. Need a claim settled quickly to keep you in the air? That’s our specialty. We know you can’t afford down-time and red-tape delays. More than that – we get to know you. Personally. We get to know your unique features and challenges, all in the interest of delivering the best possible service. We’ve been a corporate member of NBAA since 1953, and we continue to participate actively in that organization’s important work on your behalf. There’s a good reason we’ve had some corporate customers for more than 60 years – because when one of our friends needs help, we’re there for them. Our newest program delivers good experience returns to business aviation operators when they meet meaningful safety standards.  Learn more here.

Commercial Aviation

Aviation is your only business. We understand. It’s our only business, too. And it has been since before there were airlines. We know that your operation is different from every other operation. That you need a unique set of coverages to match. That you can’t afford to be without the coverage you need – or to pay for insurance you don’t need. You operate on tight margins in a stressful day-to-day work environment. We’re dedicated to delivering exceptional value and off-the-charts service to keep you running smoothly. That’s one reason why we get to know you personally. We make it a point to visit every commercial operator we insure. We’d love to come visit you. Management and Fractional Coverage. We wrote the first-ever policy for a fractional operator and we have the staff, structure and resources to help management and fractional operators alike – from the smallest to the largest and most complex – with your aviation insurance needs.

Pleasure and Business Aircraft

While we insure some of the world’s largest flight departments, we also provide thousands of owner-operators the peace of mind of knowing that their risks are covered by the aviation experts. In addition to offering coverage that will fit your specific operation, we provide incentives to encourage formal recurrent training – because we know that professional training for all pilots is the best insurance of all. When you work with us you’re dealing with people who understand, first-hand, your concerns and challenges. Many of us are pilots, too – at one point recently more than 100 of our employees were AOPA members. And we operate our own fleet of four general aviation aircraft. Give us a call – you’ll find that we speak your language.


These workhorses of the aviation world are called on to perform a range of missions from corporate transport to charter to air medivac. Each mission presents an entirely separate set of challenges for safe operations and intelligently designed insurance. We provide both aircraft hull and liability coverages that can be tailored to your specific mission or combination of missions. In addition, for operators who qualify for our Safety Bucks program, USAIG will pay for a portion of the annual proficiency training costs you incur.

Corporate Non-Owned Aircraft Liability Coverage

Whether you own and operate aircraft yourself, own a portion of an aircraft from a fractional aircraft provider, charter or simply rely on the major airline carriers to move you and your employees around, you are likely exposed to non-owned aircraft liability. Click here for more information on Corporate Non-Owned Aircraft Liability Coverage.

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