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We’ll admit it.  Your safety is good for our business.  It’s good for yours, too.  But here’s the real bottom line:  We all want to operate as safely as humanly possible.  That’s why we’ve put together a full range of programs designed to help aviation operations – regardless of size – stay at safety’s leading edge.  These include our comprehensive initiative, Performance Vector, one of the industry’s best collections of safety support programs.  Read more about Performance Vector.

Emphasizing Human Factors to Minimize Error in Aviation

Performance Vector delivers valuable, forward-looking support for your safety programs.  Support options include practical human factors training and strategic tools to enhance safety management systems that meet specific operator needs. Many options integrate convenient web-based access.

Performance Vector Support Options

A Welcome Return on Your Safety Investment

Earn good experience premium returns with Performance Vector PLUS and extend your safety programming.  Insured business aviation operators qualify for a 5 percent premium return when they avoid losses and meet any one of three industry safety standards.

Qualified business aviation operators who meet all three can earn a total good experience return of 15 percent and additionally receive two selections from our Performance Vector menu of safety services, thereby doubling the annual safety benefit.

Safely Sharing the Skies with Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Since UAS-only policies are not eligible for Performance Vector, we created a separate program specifically for these policyholders. We call it Performance Vector Unmanned. This evolving set of resources and services boosts the safety and compliance of USAIG-insured UAS operators. It refreshes with each policy renewal. Please check back, as PV Unmanned options will grow and advance in step with the needs of the dynamic UAS industry. Details of the safety service options available through Performance Vector Unmanned can be found here.

Upcoming Safety Events

Check our Safety Calendar for upcoming safety seminars and events.

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