Corporate Non-Owned Aircraft Liability

Corporate Non-Owned Aircraft Liability Coverage

Whether you own and operate aircraft yourself, own a portion of an aircraft from a fractional aircraft provider, charter or simply rely on the major airline carriers to move you and your employees around, you are likely exposed to non-owned aircraft liability.

What Could My Exposure Be?

Is all air travel by your employees on the airlines? What about the immediate need for an employee to get to a location for business that is not serviced by the major airlines but a local aircraft charter operator can get your employee there? What is your policy and procedure for an employee to arrange that flight? Do any of your departments contract with aerial pipeline or power line patrol operators? What about the use of unmanned aircraft?

USAIG Has a Solution

USAIG can help you sleep better. Our Corporate Non-Owned Aircraft Liability policy combined with a knowledgeable staff of underwriters will work with your risk management team and your broker to review your exposures and develop a plan to mitigate them. We will utilize coverage designed specifically for you along with risk management tools that are simply not offered by most other insurers.

Our policy form covers liability arising out of the use of non-owned aircraft for bodily injury to persons on board or outside the aircraft and property damage to someone else’s property that you become legally liable to pay. Property damage coverage to the non-owned aircraft itself is also available.

Standard Coverage

Optional Coverage

 How to Get a Quote

Contact your insurance broker to discuss your specific risk.  Your insurance broker will provide you with an application that must be submitted to USAIG for underwriting.  USAIG will provide your insurance broker an underwriting response shortly thereafter.  If you don’t have a broker call us at 212-952-0100 and we will recommend a qualified broker in your area.

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