America’s First Name in Aviation Insurance

In 1928, two enterprising pilots developed the idea of offering specialized insurance to the aviation industry. Working diligently, they established USAIG, an insurance pool composed of insurers dedicated to providing expertise in aviation underwriting and claims handling. Our tagline is far more than just a marketing slogan–it’s literally true. USAIG quickly became and today remains a leading insurance provider to all segments of the aviation and aerospace industry.

United States Airline Insurance Group

Protect Your Assets With Custom-Tailored Coverage

We know aviation – from the smallest owner-operator to an international airline. Working with your aviation insurance specialist, we’ll design coverage that perfectly matches each operation’s unique needs.

Discover How Our Expert Claims Service Keeps You Flying

Our expert, highly experienced claims team – the largest in the aviation insurance industry – works closely with you to respond quickly to claims. With our worldwide claims reach, we will have you back in operation promptly, no matter where you’re located.

Enhance your Operation With Our Safety Programs

Our safety experts are committed to helping you remain the safest operator you can be. Whatever the size or type of your operation, our safety programs help ensure that you stay at safety’s leading edge.

Take Advantage of Our Network of Aviation Insurance Experts

We operate through one of the most extensive networks in the aviation industry. Our experienced, knowledgeable underwriters and claims team work with local or specialized aviation insurance professionals to ensure that you have optimum coverage.

Aviation Insurance Specialists

Quite simply put, if it flies or supports something that flies, we probably insure it and with a policy tailored to your unique operation, no matter how large or how small. In fact, whether you operate private, corporate or commercial aircraft, we provide coverage that can be customized to reflect exactly how and where you fly. Additionally, the same is true if you manufacture, maintain or repair aviation or aerospace products or are engaged in an aviation-related business: We have or can create a policy just for you.

But the right aircraft insurance policy is just the beginning. Our customers return year after year, decade after decade, even generation after generation, because we deliver exceptional claims service. Prompt. Professional. Fair. If your loss is covered, we will act quickly and efficiently to help restore you to full operation. Unlike others, we always look for ways to say “Yes,” rather than excuses to say “No.”

We know your time is money. We won’t waste it. Our people are the best in the business. Knowledgeable, friendly, reliable. We’re pilots too. We become part of your team.

USAIG is America’s First Name in Aviation Insurance and the only name you need for all your aviation insurance needs.