Aviation Products Liability

Comprehensive Insurance for the Unique Risks of Aviation Manufacturing and MRO

Aviation manufacturers and maintenance, repair and overhaul shops face a unique set of risks that are distinctly different from the risks posed by operating aircraft. The changing legal environment continues to place greater burdens on manufacturers, who are liable for a host of claims ranging from alleged faulty design to alleged poor workmanship. Our expert underwriters have the highly technical aviation knowledge required to work closely with you to evaluate your client’s individual exposure. Our unique approach is not based on where you or your client fits within a predefined pool of companies, but rather looks at the specific risks of each individual company. We design coverage that takes into account how your client is uniquely exposed to risk, and rates each business based on its performance, not on how the rest of the market performs.

Our “special risk” insurance protects unique aircraft operations.  From test and evaluation of manned and unmanned aircraft to orbital and sub-orbital launch service providers and all things in between, special risks fills this niche.

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