Buying Aviation Insurance

A Checklist for Your Personal Aircraft


Aviation insurance policies are not all alike. Coverages, conditions and exclusions vary from one carrier to another– often considerably. And so do premiums. But how do you decide which policy provides you the best coverage for your insurance dollar?  The following Checklist is designed to help you, the owner operator of light aircraft, do just that.  It is structured so you know what questions to expect during your search and to help you understand important provisions and limitations found in most aviation insurance policies. When you click on a checklist item it will take you to additional detailed information in a Frequently Asked Questions format. The FAQ’s are all based on coverages provided by the USAIG 360⁰ All-Clear Aircraft Policy – the first aviation insurance policy to be written in plain, easy-to-understand language.

In many cases the answers use language taken right from the policy.

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