A Solid Foundation Supports Our Strength, Stability

In 1928, our pilot founders developed a business structure that has withstood the test of time. Today, more than nine decades later, their structure survives intact, still delivering unparalleled financial strength and stability, generating the capacity needed to properly insure any size aviation or aerospace exposure.

USAIG, the public face of our business, is neither a single insurance company nor a corporation. It is a group, or pool, of individual insurance company members that collectively functions as a worldwide insurance market for all types of aviation and aerospace accounts.

This organizational structure allows our highly experienced, expert staff to provide the most comprehensive array of underwriting, claims handling and value-added services in the aviation insurance industry. We employ consistently sound underwriting practices and procedures, resulting in a book of business whose composition enhances the long-term profit potential for each member company, while simultaneously providing policyholders with the best aviation insurance coverages and value.

The business flight plan filed all those years ago continues to keep us directly on course today.

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