1964 Beech Bonanza S35C, N5768K -AD315


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1964 Beech Bonanza S35 – AD315 Close Date: 10/21/2019



This is to advise that the above damaged aircraft, insured by United States Aircraft Insurance Group, which is managed by United States Aviation Underwrites, Inc. (USAU), is for sale as is, where is, with no representations or warranties as to the aircraft condition. The undersigned agrees and acknowledges the following additional conditions:

(1) USAU will notify the FAA of the change of aircraft ownership,

(2) USAU will make an entry in the aircraft logbooks indicating that the aircraft was damaged,

(3) The undersigned will disclose to any future purchaser the damage history of this aircraft, and;

(4) A cashier’s check or certified check will be provided to USAU within (10) days of notification of the successful high bid.  The aircraft will be released to the undersigned upon receipt of the funds.

USAU, Inc. reserves the right to reject any and all bids. All storage charges incurred after October 31, 2019 will be the responsibility of the purchasers.

AIRCRAFT: 1964 Beech Bonanza S35

REG: N5768K

SERIAL NO.: D-7544

APPROXIMATE TOTAL HOURS (estimated from logbooks or other available information)


ENG.: 911 (TCM IO-520BA 1994 factory re-manufactured), two cylinders changed in March 2019

EQUIPMENT:  KMA24, Bendix/King KX 155 TSO  (x2), M3 GPS, KR87 ADF, Narco DME 190, Tactair Autopilot, PM 1000 Intercom, Digital EGT, KT67A


Inadvertent gear up landing


Damage to engine, prop, sheet metal on belly, nose gear doors, flaps, step, cowl flaps, other


Madison, MS (KMB Airport)

Note: Storage facility will not comment on wreckage. It is recommended each purchaser inspect the damaged aircraft.

Please submit your bid on this form and return so it is received no later than NOON,CENTRAL TIME, OCTOBER 21, 2019. No bids will be accepted after this date.